We are a cinematic atelier.
We write, produce, and craft branded video communication focused on storytelling.

We work together with companies, design firms, artists, and individuals.

We are based in Milan, in a hub for creative and new media agencies.





ALESSANDRO Riva | Director, Digital Planner

Born in Milan in 1986. European Institute of Design graduate in Film Direction. He worked as director and production assistant in commercials and film  between 2007 and 2010. He shot his first documentary "DIREZIONI (ANNI) ZERO" in 2011. In 2015 he attended a Master in Social Media and Digital PR, and he founded ECLISSE - a context for film in Berlin.


Federica Bologna | Production Designer, Creative Director

Born in Como in 1983. M.A. in Architecture. She started her career in 2008 as production designer in independent feature films and shorts in the U.S. and in Germany. She worked on award winning films such as “Die Frau des Polizisten” (Philip Gröning) and “Layla Fourie” (Pia Marais) among others. At ECLISSE she’s the head of the art department.


Daniele Boselli | Producer, ACCOUNT Manager

Born in Turin in 1985. M.A. in International Studies. While working as a free-lance writer for different publishing companies, he started collaborating with Alessandro Riva in 2010, as location manager and production assistant in several video projects. In 2015 he founded ECLISSE and produced the eponymous short film that launched the company.


e c l i s s e

[a young actress is a murderer on the run across Europe]

a short film with Caroline Tillette

directed by Alessandro Riva

(col. - b/w, 9', 2015)


le metamorfosi digitali

[a theatrical pièce about innovation and digital technologies]

presented by Festival Supernova with CISCO Italia

in collaboration with IoETv & INTEL

(shot in Turin, Gobetti Theatre, 28th May 2016)


dopolavoro besana 2016

[Rotonda della Besana summer shows]

clients: Milano Music Consulting, I Distratti

directed by Tommaso Lipari

(August 2016)


We produce cinematographic and photographic communication, focused on our clients' brand identity. 
We plan and provide art direction for coordinated video and photo content on all social media profiles according to their digital strategy.
we run and manage visual storytelling campaigns for companies, design firms, artists, and invidviduals.



our method



FIRST MEETING - PHOTOGRAPHY whether we work with a company, an artist, or a professional the person and the image are part of the process to the same extent


preliminary ideas and sources of inspiration are gathered
in the first draft


following the client's approval
we draft an early version of the treatment


upon completion of the research stage
a moodboard and the treatment are presented to the client

the script and the production plan are compiled and submitted to the client in the form of an exclusive photo-book


pre-production goes underway
we put together a team that will shoot and edit the work.
The client supervises every step
so that the product matches the vision